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 WP-B Power Drive Overview


April 25
Doing the finances


Here is a copy of our costs.

April 25
2 days before the race


April 18
April Showers!

​Lately, our class has been hard at work on our car. The group has the set up the steering column. We are kind of behind in our constuction. There is only two weeks till the West Point Annual Race. Also, in the car we have to brake cables set up. Recently, we have alligned the car. We are all hoping that we will have some practice driving before racing it. We really don't want to race it, and wreck it. All we can hope for is better weather.

April 18
Work Hard, Play Hard


April 18
Work on the Car!


March 25
March Madness
These past few days have been quite hectic. We have recorded all the necessary video and are ready to begin editing. It took us some time to figure out how we are going to edit this video, as we couldn't get Windows Movie Maker to work. Tensions are high, as racing time is nearing, and both crews are struggling to finish all the necessary work. There was a set back just the other day as the other crew realized the area for the battery box was too small. So, they had to cut a portion of the back end off and correct their error. Much work still needs to be done, so we did not register for the April 6th race. We plan on going to the next event, but we will see how far we are along the car when registration date comes.
March 18
Hard at Work

For this past week, everyone has been hard at work. The snow day on Monday was a set back, but when we got to school on Tuesday, all of our parts were here. Due to Block Scheduling, we sadly did not have class, but we had an extremely long class on Wednesday to make for lost time. As you can imagine, we have lots to do with the new parts​. The documentation team is now hard at work with the video.

March 06
Bureaucracy at it's finest

​After several weeks of waiting for valuable parts, we decided to investigate on whether or not our parts had even been ordered. So, we inquired our teacher on whether or not he had received order confirmations, and he had not. We went through the layers of "bureacracy" only to find out that our email with the order forms had been skipped over by the man who was supposed to complete the orders. But now the parts have been ordered, and all have been shipped. After our spring break is up, we should be seeing the parts.

February 26
February Report

During the month of February, we achieved many things. While being split into two groups, one group worked on the car, and the other worked on the documentation and the purchasing of parts. The group working on the car has made much progress with minor complications. For example, the first time we placed on the roll cage, we had to cut it off because we didn’t have it angled correctly and couldn’t put the necessary support on it. It seems our biggest complication has been time. We have lots to do in a very small amount of time. Currently, our axle is in a machine shop along with our rear wheel being splined. It seems another problem we have is waiting for the parts we need to come in. Our documentation crew has been hard at work trying to find the correct parts that we need, which just that alone has been a challenge. For many days, we were trying to locate a bearing that seemed like no one manufactured. Well, after talking to a very helpful specialist, we discovered that the part couldn’t be made, that the metal for the bearing would be too thin to withstand the correct torque. Consequently, this required us to re-engineer our wheel and braking system which takes even more of our precious time. As you can see, it has been a busy month, and only proved how much more work we still need to get done.​

February 25
Team Picture


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